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Alison talks to George Hook and Gerard Tannum on Kickstart Your Business

Guest Blog Post by Islandbridge

‘A Business That Snacks Of Success’

Alison chatting to George Hook on Kickstart Your Business


For many of us attempting to eat positively and well, it’s the sneaky hunger that strikes between mealtimes that really trips us up. It’s no surprise as research has shown that snacking is where we are most likely to slip up when trying for better nutrition.

Who hasn’t been at their desk mid-afternoon, distracted by the thought of chocolate or biscuits, dinner-time a million miles away and before we know it, we’ve guiltily succumbed to temptation?

A Positively Sweet Idea

Featured on Kickstart Your Business this week is a business that offers us the best of both worlds; snacks that hit the sweet spot but are high in nutrition and slow releasing energy. Founded by Alison Stroh who teamed up with the legendary Dr Coy. a leading German oncologist,  Dr Coy’s Health Food produces delicious natural snacks with energy giving properties that don’t only make us happy when we eat them but make us feel better all day.

Local Food Hero

Supported by an excellent brand and website, Dr Coy’s is already well positioned but as Gerard pointed out on the show, there is an opportnity for Alison to bring this product to local food heroes such as Clodagh McKenna or Donal Skeehan, to introduce the superb Dr Coy’s medical and nutritional credentials to the Irish market.

Over To You

What other local food heroes would you think suitable to endorse Dr Coy’s excellent credentials for the Irish market? Listen back to Dr Coy’s on Kickstart Your Business and tell us what you think.

We’d love to hear from you.

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