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Our Story

A family run Irish business passionate about health and nutrition.

Discovering Dr. Coy’s discoveries

It was 2012 and Alison Stroh was frustrated that most snacks were full of sugar and other nasties. Fortunately, she met Dr. Coy speaking at a health conference in Germany. He had researched cancer and sugar at the German Cancer Research Centre for 20 years and had made some exciting discoveries. He discovered the TKTL1 gene and explored the relationship between cancer cells and sugar.

His idea, to starve cancer cells of common types of sugar, while continuing to supply patients with energy via a rare sugar, galactose, meant treatments like chemotherapy would be more effective. Dr. Coy soon realised that nutrition was in fact the key to physical and mental health. He saw that the nutritional habits of the western diet were causing the major diseases – including diabetes, coeliac disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer. His aim then was to create foods that are not just therapeutic but also preventative.

He was awarded with the summa cum laude for excellence in his work and the Diaita Science Prize at Medica by the German Society for Nutrition and Prevention which honoured his exceptional scientific achievements around cancer research, diagnostics, and therapies.

Bringing a patented invention to the world

Using rare low glycemic sugars he reinvented chocolate. For the first time chocolate could give you sustained energy without the sugar spike. Genius! This invention was then patented. Alison proposed to bring this innovation from the medical world to a wider audience, to all of us seeking better snacks and healthier home cooking. To build the business she recruited her brother, a keen cyclist recovering from a bike race accident, obsessed with nutrition to expedite his rehab.

We are excited that Dr. Coy’s has since been embraced by health-conscious parents, professional athletes and healthy-eating foodies of all kinds all over the world. For us, nutrition and exercise should be enjoyable and sustainable. Our collection of foods and natural ingredients offer positive energy and more vitality. Join us on our journey to eat well and to enjoy life.

Dr. Coy’s, founded by one savvy sister and her sporty brother.

The company has been supported on its journey by Enterprise Ireland.

Dr. Johannes Coy has published the following books:

‘The New Anti-Cancer Diet’ (2009). In ‘The Anti-Cancer Diet Cookbook’ (2010), ‘The 8 Anti-Cancer Rules’ (2011), The Cancer Fighting Diet (2015).