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Cara: The Real Thing, The Thrive Project

Every business can benefit from a mentorship scheme – and few get much bigger than the Thrive Project, a collaboration between Coca-Cola Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

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Cara Advertorial April/May 2019 Page 13.

Dr. Coys produces a range of healthy confectionary and kitchen ingredients, designed to avoid a spike in blood sugar – even the chocolate is high in fibre and vitamin E, and free of gluten and lactose. Cofounders Aaron O’Donohue and Alison Stroh joined The Thrive Project in 2017 and have been developing their brand ever since. How did The Thrive Project enhance your business? The size of the group participating in
the programme enabled a lot of interaction, engagement and focus in the sessions. For us, the innovation and marketing workshops in Coca Cola’s UK offices were really inspiring and gave us lots of tips around business planning, the importance of risk mitigation and how to take the opportunity to move into international markets. Advice for future participants? Get involved with all elements and keep in touch with the companies you participated with.

What does the future hold? With more and more consumers realising that managing blood sugar levels is key to weight control and long term health, Dr. Coy’s projects will continue to grow over the next three years. We have an exciting new product development pipeline and a focus on launching in new markets.



You can find out more about The Thrive Project here