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Superfood Powerballs

These snack balls are packed with nutrients, protein and good fats and do not need honey, agave or maple syrup.  We have even scaled down the dried fruit. The Coconut oil with its nutritious qualities also makes for an excellent binder.

Superfood Powerballs


100 g of Almonds
100 g of Walnuts
100 g of Cashews
50 g of Pumpkin Seeds
50 g of Sunflower Seeds
100g of Dr. Coy’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
50 g Goji berries
50 g Dates
Pinch of cinnamon

Makes approx. 36 units


Soak the walnuts and the goji berries separately for about 20 minutes then discard the water (this serves the dual purpose of cleaning and washing off toxins from the walnuts (also reducing bitterness) and in the case of the goji berries allows them to soften).
Briefly, blitz the nuts and seeds in 100 g batches in a Nutribullet and add to a large mixing bowl with the cinnamon. (2 to 3 pulses of 1 second each is enough if you want to retain some coarse ‘nutiness’).
Melt the coconut oil gently, add to the dates and goji berries, blitz in the Nutribullet and stir in with the nut and seed mix.

Add to silicone moulds or roll into about 36 balls and leave in the fridge for at least an hour.

Nutritional Information

Per Batch Per Unit
Energy Carb Fat Protein Energy Carb Fat Protein
3564 Kcal 144 g 309 g 87 g 99 K cal 4 g 9 g 2 g