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Nutritious Snack Bars

Do you have multiple bags of half used nuts and seeds in your cupboards?

We do and we have the perfect use for them.





There’s no real recipe for this one, just throw it together!

  • Grab all of your left over chopped nuts and seeds in the cupboard and combine with puffed quinoa or rice.
  • Melt a few bars of Dr. Coy’s Nutritional Chocolate with a teaspoon of Dr. Coy’s Coconut Oil.
  • Combine with nut/seed/quinoa mix.
  • Smooth the mixture into a lined tin and cover with a layer of melted Dr. Coy’s Nutritional Chocolate.
  • Top with desired toppings and enjoy! (We used dried berries and chopped nuts).


This is a great way to use up any left over nuts and seeds that have been sitting in your cupboards for a while. Very simple to make and an easy recipe to get the kids involved in. Our whole family loves them and we hope yours does too.