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5 Meals from One Chicken

5 meals you can create using one chicken:


Photo Credit: 1. Catriona Redmonds, 2014, wholesomeireland. 2. Roz Purcell, Naturalbornfeeder. 3. Rozanna, Dec 19 2015, Rozanna’s Kitchen.
4. Catriona Redmonds, 2014, wholesomeireland. 5. Sarah E Crowder, Jan 29 2020, thekitchn. 


As we all make an effort to reduce the time we spend in supermarkets at the moment. We have been thinking about how we can get the most out of our shopping. Here’s 5 different meals you can get out of your whole chicken with recipes from some of our favourite creators!

5 meals you can create using one chicken:

1. Roast Chicken dinner made using the chicken breasts along with your favourite roast vegetables roasted along side the chicken. We particularly love Catriona Redmonds take on it.

2. Roz Purcell’s Spicy Peanut Butter Chicken Legs

3. Using the remainder of the chicken for Rosanna’s Warm salad with sauteed potatoes.

4. Use the chicken bones to make stock. Put the chicken bones in the slow cooker and start a slow-cooker chicken stock. Let this simmer for up to 12 hours, then strain. This can then be adapted into beautiful chicken soup another favourtie from Catriona Redmond.

5. Sweet Corn Risotto made with the remainder of the chicken stock from thekitchn.