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Coconut Flour – Top 5 Uses

Coconut Flour doesn’t have to be complicated…  Here are Dr. Coy’s Top 5 Ways to utilize Coconut Flour into your recipes. Depending on the recipe, you can enhance the flavour, bestow a natural sweetness or mask it’s natural flavour with alternative spices and herbs in something a little more savoury.

  1. As a binder…. Forgo the bread crumbs in your meat or veggie burger, fish cake or vegetable fritter. You’ll only need about ¼ of the amount if you use coconut flour as it’s highly absorbent!
  2. Fibre boost… Add 1-2 tbsp to your usual pancake recipe along with an extra 1-2 tbsp of fruit puree, milk or egg to achieve a thicker more substantial, slightly denser consistency as well as a hit of natural subtle sweetness. You’ll also be giving your breakfast an extra fiber boost that will leave you feeling full and satisfied for longer.
  3. Boost your cookies… Add a couple of tablespoons to your baked or no bake cookie or raw treat recipe to firm up the consistency or create a little more crunch! This works particularly well in the likes of a nut butter cookie which calls for nothing more than egg, a form of sugar and nut butter. You can also replace the sugar in the recipe 1:1 with our stevia to turn them into breakfast appropriate nibbles!
  4. Boost your muffins… If you’re a fan of breakfast eggy omelette “muffins” which inevitably end up looking a little shriveled once cooled, these savoury coconut flour eggy muffins are the perfect, slightly more substantial, and prettier make ahead morning meal or snack to include in your weekly meal prep.  
  5. Alternative to other flours… Coconut flour is also a great alternative grain and nut free coating for chicken or fish. Mix it up with seasonings of your choice or use a little with some dessicated coconut for a tropical sweet soon to be toasty crust for the coconut lover in your life.