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Dr. Coy started working with alternative sugars while treating patients recovering from cancer and patients with insulin issues who needed to drastically reduce their intake of carbohydrates and sugar. As a champion of positive eating, he recognised that the solution was not to simply cut out carbohydrates from his patients’ diets completely, but to replace them with healthy, naturally low-glycemic alternatives – namely, sugars that had a much lesser effect on blood sugar levels or on insulin, to ensure a low insulin production. Meanwhile, as a foodie, it was important to Dr. Coy that those alternatives taste good and come from natural sources.

The sugars used by Dr. Coy are found in nature. He chose isomaltulose, also found naturally in honey and sugar beet, for its delicious sweetness and its lower effect on blood glucose levels compared to sugar-containing foods.  Dr. Coy combined this with galactose, found naturally within the body and in dairy products, and vital for proper cell functioning.

How do they work?

Because its molecular bonds are stronger than those of glucose (normal sugar), isomaltulose takes longer for the body to absorb.

This means that there is no sharp rush like sugar, nor any slump afterwards like sugar – instead, just a slow, stable, release. This makes it perfect for athletes, who need a reliable, constant release of energy; children (whose parents would prefer them not to go bonkers as a result of sugary sweet treats); people following low-sugar eating regimes; and just people with active, busy lives!

It has a lesser effect on blood sugar levels and on insulin compared to regular sugar. This makes it ideal for people who love good food but who are watching their sugar intake, whether for athletic reasons, medical reasons, or just for good health.

Latest research shows that a more stable blood glucose level gives the body more of a chance to break down stored fat from which the body derives energy.

Last but not least, frequent consumption of sugars contributes to tooth demineralisation. Consumption of foods containing isomaltulose instead of other sugars may help tooth mineralisation by decreasing tooth demineralisation.

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