Organic Vegetable Bouillon (150g)

Sea Salt, Carrot*, Celery*, Lovage*, Chive*, Cauliflower*, Onion*, Leek*, Parsley*, Broccoli*, Savoy Cabbage*, Garlic*, Nutmeg*, Turmeric*, Fenugreek*, Coriander*, Ginger*,
Sweet Pepper*, Fennel*
(* Organic)

Gluten free
Yields around 8 to 10 litres of broth.


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Organic Seasoning

With 45% vegetables and herbs.

No starch, glutamate (MSG), sugar or yeast.

Your best friend in the kitchen.

Dr. Coy’s versatile bouillon also doubles as an all-natural flavour enhancer, whose bouquet of organic vegetables, aromatics and sea salt enhances everything it touches.

Makes a sublime clear vegetable broth. Gives depth of flavour to soups, stocks and sauces of all kinds. Excellent as an all-natural flavour enhancer, to enliven dishes of every variety.

Vegan. Yeast-free and GM-free.

Contents: 150 g

Nutrition – Typical Values per 100g
Energy 339 kJ/81 kcal
Fat 1.4g (of which saturates 0.3g)
Carbohydrates 10g (of which sugars 9g)
Fibre 11.6g
Protein 6.4g
Salt 58.1g


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