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We at Dr. Coy’s passionately believe that positive eating doesn’t mean cutting the little pleasures out of life. Quite the opposite.

Dr. Coy’s chocolates and chocolate treats are all made with a rich belgian chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 54% ensuring that the chocolate hit that is deep, rich and velvety.

Instead of refined sugar the chocolate includes isomaltulose: the benefit of eating foods with isomaltulose instead of other sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise versus sugar containing foods.

Dr. Coy’s chocolate also includes a concentrated form of a plant based vitamin E, tor pecotrienol, giving you some 40% of your required vitamin e intake for the day.  They are also high in fibre and totally gluten-free and lactose free.  They are so unique that they are patent registered in many countries around Europe and the world.

Each variety has been created in combination with some of nature’s most miraculous superfoods, from walnuts to ginger, to coconut, to linseed, so that no matter your mood there’s something to try that is irresistible and guilt-free.

Welcome to the Dr Coy’s Positive Eating universe of chocolate. You’ll be very happy here.