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What’s so great about Dr. Coy’s Bouillon?

Dr. Coy’s Organic Vegetable Bouillon is PACKED full of goodness. A natural seasoning with 18 different vegetables, herbs and sea salt and nothing else!!

PACKED full of goodness, Dr. Coy’s Vegetable Bouillon is a natural seasoning with 18 different vegetables, herbs, sea salt and nothing else!! Dr. Coy’s versatile bouillon doubles as an all-natural flavour enhancer, whose bouquet of organic vegetables, aromatics and sea salt enhances everything it touches. Our bouillon helps you create the foundation of countless healthy meals and dishes, so that we can cook and indulge ourselves and our families, guilt-free.

Free from sugar, yeats, starch flavour enhancers, MSG or HVP, Dr. Coy’s Bouillon is the perfect addition to any of your meals. It will add bundles of flavour to all of your one-pot meals and grilled meats. Try popping a teaspoon or two into the water when boiling quinoa, rice or pasta for delicious flavour or make a sublime clear vegetable broth. Dr. Coy’s Bouillon gives depth of flavour to soups, stocks and sauces of all kinds.

Dr.Coy’s Bouillon is the only stock powder on the market that doesn’t contain any additives whatsoever! Just 18 different veggies & herbs + sea salt and nothing else!