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3 Ingredient Cookies (Gluten- & Sugar Free)

As you have probably already noticed – we like a simple recipe. It couldn’t get any simpler for a healthy cookie like this. Gluten free, sugar free and made with only 3 ingredients! You have the option of adding a luxurious touch to it in just a few minutes as well . They also make a lovely treat for popping into a lunchbox.


3 Ingredient Sugar Free & Gluten Free Cookies
3 Ingredient Sugar Free & Gluten Free Cookies



Makes 20 cookies


Combine all the ingredients, plop teaspoon size dollops of dough on to a lined baking sheet, press down a bit with a back of a fork or a spoon and bake for 10min at 175 °C.

For the Lux version: drizzle the ready made cookies with cacao paste sweetened with Stevia Erylite and sprinkle some sea salt flakes on top. You could also melt Dr.Coy’s chocolate of your choice and drizzle the cookies with that, topping them with some crushed pistachios or coconut flakes – whatever tickles your taste buds.

You can use a different nut butter if you like, try almond-, peanut- or macadamia butter. Works every time!