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We at Dr. Coy’s really love our food.

Dr. Coy’s Health Foods, a family run Irish business, is passionate about positive eating and a healthy lifestyle.  Founder Alison Stroh saw a gap for a truly healthy snack as her research showed that snacking is where we slip up in trying for better nutrition.  So in 2012 she approached Dr. Johannes Coy, an award-winning German oncologist, to propose offering chocolate with certified health benefits to the market.  After her brother, a national cycling champion, temporarily ended up in a wheelchair following a cycling accident, she recruited him to assist in building the fledgling business. The company has been supported on its journey by Enterprise Ireland and participated on the New Frontiers programme, the Supervalu Food Academy programme and the Foodworks programme (run by Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia andTeagasc).

Alison & Aaron, co-founders of Dr. Coy’s Health Foods

We love how natural foods have energy-giving properties that don’t only make us happy when we eat them, but make us feel better all day. We adore organic and superfood ingredients that have countless natural uses, not only for cooking, but for beauty and health. We love creating wonderful, delectable things to eat for our families and ourselves that not only taste out of this world, but give us more energy and make us feel good. In short, we believe that cooking and eating the finest natural foods goes hand in hand with a healthy, happy life.  All nutrition is about making choices: Dr Coy’s Positive Eating was created with that philosophy in mind.

We began – where else! – with chocolate, a collection of utterly divine chocolate bars in a selection of irresistible flavours, made using naturally derived good sugars and vitamin E. Based on medical research Dr. Coy’s offers an innovative, patented “Nutritional Chocolate Bar” which has lower effects on blood glucose levels compared to chocolate containing sugar.  The bar is high in fibre and vitamin E and is gluten and lactose free.  With 54% cocoa it also won blind taste tests!

From there we broadened out to other special edibles, made using nuts, fruit and more of our guilt-free chocolate. We then moved to our specially selected organic coconut oil, one of nature’s great superfoods, with a wide variety of uses.  We also offer the finest organic bouillon and flours, to create the foundations of countless healthy meals and dishes, so that we can cook and indulge ourselves and our families, guilt-free.

We believe that any nutrition regime should be sustainable as we thoroughly practice what we preach with our young families.  Keep checking back with us as we broaden out our Positive Eating collection! We would love you to join us in our passion for finding and creating the best and most delicious health-giving natural foods.