Healthy Granola Tarts

Healthy Granola Tarts

Healthy Granola Tarts. You can make these little guys on a Sunday for the week ahead and they will save you some precious sleep time in

Coconut Flour – Top 5 Uses

Coconut Flour doesn’t have to be complicated…  Here are Dr. Coy’s Top 5 Ways to utilize Coconut Flour into your recipes. Depending on the recipe,

A Healthy Balance

Dr. Coy’s are delighted to announce our HEALTHY BALANCE evening on 18 January in Brown Thomas– presented by Kathryn Thomas in partnership with Pure Results Bootcamp

Chocolate Avocado Shake

By now you’ve all probably heard and enjoyed the famous chocolate avocado mousse – now it’s time to try the drink version based on the

Superfood Powerballs

These snack balls are packed with nutrients, protein and good fats and do not need honey, agave or maple syrup.  We have even scaled down